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Look for new products in YUGE!

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CLR900-4G routing embedded board

    This product can be used in all MiniPCIE packages of the domain 9x07 platform and ASR platform. Support dual network port, dual WIFI, transparent transmission and WPS function, the rate can reach 150M DL / 50M UL Cat4. It has a web background management interface for easy information configuration. Highly integrated, small size and stable performance.

LPM2100 bm

    This product supports NB-IoT+GSM quad-band dual mode, with ultra-small size, ultra-low power consumption, standby power consumption of less than 1mA, and low sleep at 5uA. LCC package for M2M design.

Super cost-effective new products!

    These two products are multi-mode wireless communication modules based on ASR platform, built-in multiple network protocols (PAP, PPP, CHAP, TCP, UDP, etc.) and support multiple functions (W_DISABLE, WAKEUP, AP_READY, etc.). Supports maximum downlink 150Mbps and maximum uplink 50Mbps, and supports Windows series and Android 4.0 and above operating systems. Wide application scenarios and high cost performance!

YUGE leads 5G!

    The 5G era has arrived, and the launch of 5G modules based on the Qualcomm platform by the domain has further promoted the development of 5G. The 5G module is not only backward compatible with 3G/4G, but also has an ultra-high download speed of up to 4Gbps. It is widely used in scenarios such as wireless access terminals, intelligent security, and intelligent monitoring.


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