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Vehicle application
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With the advancement of technology, the promotion of urban traffic and market demand, especially the encouragement of national policies in recent years, vehicle networking has shown a very good momentum of development. Vehicle industry is expanding to safety, entertainment, navigation, communication, anti-theft, fleet management, insurance and other markets.
Security applications:

China's two passengers and one danger system, the government and relevant organizations put forward higher requirements for the safety of vehicles and personnel. It is hoped that the communication module and positioning product can be integrated into the vehicle system. When the accident happens, the information of the accident location can be obtained at the first time and timely rescue can be achieved.

Wireless communication products play a very important role in the whole process of vehicle-borne electronic applications. They are the links between sensor terminals and information service centers. Moreover, the application environment of vehicle-borne devices is very complex, which requires higher reliability, stability, high and low temperatures of products. Therefore, according to the special requirements of vehicle-borne products and combined with our own experience, we have launched a professional domain. Wireless Vehicle Communication Module。

YUGE Communication vehicle solutions:
Navigation application
Navigation is a relatively common demand for in-vehicle applications. As road systems become more and more complex, urban traffic congestion becomes more and more serious, and transportation departments and users are more likely to be able to obtain real-time road condition information and parking space information in a timely and effective manner. Improve the ability to rationalize the allocation of resources. The navigation function has also moved from an offline mode to a two-way online mode, and gradually integrated with the intelligent transportation system.
With the continuous improvement of the quality of life of the masses, car DVD, car digital mobile TV, car radio, car phone, Bluetooth communication and high-performance computer integrated car computer and other series of car entertainment products that enrich people's lives, will inevitably push The development of the car audio and video market.
Anti-theft application
The vehicle anti-theft system provides a strong guarantee for reducing car theft cases in various countries, and the demand will also increase greatly. The anti-theft tracker products for electric vehicles and motorcycles also have great demand in various countries.
Fleet management
For some large vehicles, excavators, concrete vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc., how to ensure the operation within the specified time and place is very important to the operating company. In-vehicle technology can automatically control these vehicles to the company's service platform for effective control.
Insurance, paying by mileage
With the increasing competition in the insurance industry, insurance companies have introduced in-vehicle technology in order to enable differentiated competition. Through the vehicle technology, the driver's driving behavior is used to evaluate the risk factor, thus giving different premiums. This method has been tried in some areas and needs to be accepted by users. Many people are worried that privacy will be leaked.
Cargo personnel positioning
GPS positioning equipment is gradually applied to real-time monitoring and management of cargo personnel who monitor loading, unloading and transportation, ensuring the safe transportation of goods, and rationalizing the distribution of cargo personnel.

YUGE Communication Module Advantages:
High reliability requirements
The vehicle environment varies widely, high temperature and high humidity: from the lowest temperature range of -40 °C to the highest ambient temperature of +80 °C, to the temperature difference of up to 40 °C, and must work continuously for a long time, try to avoid power failure Restart the work. Therefore, the reliability requirements for wireless modules are very high. Our wireless communication module products are designed to exceed the design standards of similar products and undergo extensive MTBF testing to ensure stable operation in harsh environments. In view of the frequent vibration of the vehicle, the domain vehicle communication module has introduced a module such as a stamp hole and a patch package, which makes the module smaller in size and more resistant to vibration. At the same time, for the complexity of the domestic wireless network environment, especially the weak network signal in remote mountainous areas, we have carried out a lot of RF design and software protocol algorithm optimization to ensure stable operation in complex network environment.
Low maintenance requirements
Through the remote wireless module upgrade and fault alarm mechanism provided by us, the workload of on-site upgrade and inspection is reduced, which satisfies the low maintenance requirements of the vehicle terminal;
High security requirements
Since the wireless communication network belongs to the public network, considering the security and reliability of data transmission, we have added mechanisms such as wireless channel interference detection and data transmission security to ensure its high security requirements.
Low power demand
In response to the power requirements of the vehicle, we have adopted an industry-leading low-power mechanism, which makes the overall power consumption of the product at a low level, meeting and lowering the vehicle's power requirements for the module.
Location location service
For special environments, when GPS and other signals are blocked, our communication module can also achieve positioning through the unique base station positioning mode, which plays a good role in positioning and assistance.
Voice broadcast
For bus, taxi and other fields, voice navigation, voice operation, camera and other functional requirements, the domain communication launched a voice broadcast function integrated with domestic leading technology and built-in camera driver. Make it easy for customers to implement related functions, simplify design, enhance functionality, and be more competitive.

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