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 Security is the basis for the survival and development of a society and an enterprise. Especially in today's highly developed modern technology, crime is becoming more intelligent and means are more concealed. It is more important to strengthen modern security technology. Security is developed in this sense. It is a combination of electronic technology, sensor technology, computer technology and modern communication technology. It plays a difficult or impossible role in preventing and combating crime, maintaining social order, preventing disaster accidents, and reducing state, collective property and people's lives.
Yuge Security Solution
Wireless communication products play a very important role in the whole process of security construction, so the requirements of wireless communication products are very high, but the application environment of security is very complex, and the reliability of products is higher. Therefore, according to the actual situation of wireless communication in the application environment, combined with our own experience, we have high requirements and high standards at all stages from product design to mass production. accurate
High reliability requirements:
Security deployment environment varies greatly, some are deployed in areas with the lowest temperature of - 40 C, some are deployed in areas with the highest temperature of + 80 C, some are deployed in areas with a temperature difference of 40 C between day and night, some are deployed in high temperature and humidity environment, and once deployed successfully, they must work continuously for a long time to avoid power failure and restart work as far as possible. So the reliability of wireless module is very high. Our wireless communication module products are superior to the design standards of similar products, and a large number of MTBF tests have been carried out to ensure stable operation in harsh environments. At the same time, in view of the complexity of the domestic wireless network environment, especially the weak network signal in remote mountainous areas, we have carried out a lot of radio frequency design and optimization of software protocol algorithm to ensure the stability of the complex network environment.
Low maintenance requirements:
Through the remote wireless module upgrade and fault alarm mechanism provided by us, the workload of personnel on-site upgrade and patrol inspection is reduced, and the low maintenance requirements of security products are well met.
High safety requirements:
Because the wireless communication network belongs to the public network, considering the security and reliability of data transmission, we increase the mechanism of interference detection and data transmission security to ensure its high security requirements.
Low power requirements:
We have adopted the industry-leading low-power mechanism, so that the overall power consumption of the product is at a low level to meet the needs of customers.
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