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Wireless medical services provide patients with safer life protection

Wireless medical services can provide safe and reliable protection for families and chronically ill patients. They can obtain accurate electronic data of patients in real time through mobile or wireless communication and multimedia technology. Doctors and service centers can provide timely guidance and rescue services and solve data. Cost, administrative management, long waits, etc. When the patient has an accident, the rescue center can immediately provide rescue or live voice guidance to save the patient's life. The ultra-stable energy of the domain YUGA 2G/3G module is especially suitable for all kinds of mobile medical equipment, which not only guarantees the transmission channel of patient data, but also provides the maximum speed for the patient in the case of emergency rescue. Security.

Wireless medical introduction

As governments, health care companies, and insurance companies seek ways to control healthcare costs, wireless data communications have enabled healthcare to find new models of cost-effectiveness. Mobile and remote applications enable patients and healthcare professionals to seamlessly connect, strengthen preventive care, ensure adherence to prescription treatments and ultimately improve the quality of care. Secure, reliable wireless communication is the key to wireless medical solutions that not only handle patient confidential data, but also access customer data in real time. From remote monitoring equipment, telehealth infrastructure equipment to a large number of wireless service terminals, successful end-to-end wireless medical solutions can improve patient care efficiency and help healthcare professionals share vital patient information.

YUGE product advantage

YUGE has many years of professional experience in industrial applications and wireless technology. We have many experienced background technical experts in the communications industry. Our rich wireless communication product line and hardware and software support can meet the needs of various industries and help us. Customers deal with all the challenges of complex telemedicine communications. Embedded wireless modules and good product management simplify the installation process and are suitable for high volume applications, even in remote locations. The complete solution of the YUGE can bring customers:
• YUGE wireless module transmits stable and reliable data and low power consumption, helping customers to create a lightweight and compact solution and reduce overall cost
• YUGE provide modules and compatibility with multiple packages and multiple application interfaces to help customers expand market capacity and reduce costs
• Quickly enter the market by pre-certifying products

Wireless medical market prospects

According to the report “mHealth and Home Monitoring - 5th Edition” issued by Berg Insight AB, family monitoring is now a supplement to traditional medicine and is currently considering mobile medicine. The number of people in the United States and Europe has exceeded 200 million.
In the healthcare industry, effective utilization of information and communication technologies can reduce costs and provide more efficient medical care. In recent years, with the infiltration of wireless technology, Berg Insigh predicts that the number of patients using home monitoring systems will reach 2.8 million worldwide in 2012, and will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 26.9% in the future and will expand to 940 in 2017. Ten thousand people.

Wireless medical application features

Wireless medical technology is undergoing major changes in two ways
• The performance of traditional medical devices is constantly improving from low-tech beds to high-tech nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) testing equipment. Like all industrial applications, these improvements benefit from the versatile win-win effect of wireless technology, which has led to continuous advancement in price, performance, power consumption, and size.
• Wireless medical technology is also essentially redefining the healthcare industry, driving and simplifying the healthcare industry's move from hospital or outpatient medical approaches to cloud-based medical services that can be delivered anytime, anywhere. In the new healthcare era, hospitals, outpatients, and medical specialists will continue to be providers of advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques, while community health professionals will take on more personal health management responsibilities and use large amounts of consumer healthcare. Product monitoring patients.

Wireless medical business needs

• The stability and continuity of the terminal communication function directly affects the quality and effectiveness of the telemedicine service.
• Low-power technology to ensure longer life times required by medical devices
• Small, portable, highly integrated wireless medical device
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